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ban coeur caramel
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Caramel apple heart

Caramel apple heart (like a candy apple) Hello 🙂 For my second valentine’s day recipe, I did a caramel apple heart dessert. I really wanted to use these pretty 3D molds from silikomart. I made it with seasonal fruits and I assure you that this combination of apple and caramel is […]

heart cake
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Heart Cake

Heart Cake My heart-shaped cake is made with a cocoa dough, a white chocolate cream, a dark chocolate mousse, and creamy gianduja chocolate. The chocolate decorations are also homemade. There is white chocolate colored in pink (with beet powder from Koro), dark chocolate swirls filled with gianduja and white chocolate […]

bannière tartelette
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Almonds, pears and chocolate tartlet

Almonds, pears, and chocolate tartlet   These tartlets are my favorites. In french pastry, we have a traditional tart called “Tarte bourdaloue” which is made with pears in syrup. In this version, I choose to use fresh pears. I also use flour with a lower glycemic index than wheat flour. If […]

pâte de fruits
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Fruits paste

Blackcurrant Fruits paste Homemade fruits paste is pretty easy to do! Here I used blackcurrant but you can make some with your favorite fruit. You can easily find blackcurrant puree or anything fruit puree online. But you can also make your own.   INGREDIENTS  280g blackcurrant puree 280g sugar 5g […]


Chocolate Candy

Chocolate candy (Kinder Schoko-Bons) Do you know those chocolate candies that when you eat one, you eat the whole pack? Because personally, before becoming vegan, I could eat a whole pack in one evening. And during the Christmas period, it may be the time of the year when I miss […]

orange blood cake
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Blood orange cake (gluten-free)

Hello;) Here is my recipe for gluten-free blood orange cake. It’s extra moist and tender. Orange blood cake gluten free 100g non-dairy milk 1 tbsp apple vinegar 200g almond flour 100g rice flour 50g cornstarch 2 tsp baking soda 2 tsp baking powder 125g neutral oil 250g greek soja yogurt Zest of […]