Chocolate Candy

Chocolate candy (Kinder Schoko-Bons)

Do you know those chocolate candies that when you eat one, you eat the whole pack? Because personally, before becoming vegan, I could eat a whole pack in one evening. And during the Christmas period, it may be the time of the year when I miss it a little bit … But no reason that it does not exist in vegan is it? And, you will see that these vegan homemade Schokobons are very easy to make when you have the right ingredients.

There are only 3 ingredients! Vegan white chocolate, vegan “milk” chocolate, and praline. I used chocolates from this brand: Vantastic Foods. I found it on french vegan e-shop.

chocolate candy



  • 200g vegan white chocolate
  • 150g vegan “milk” chocolate
  • 50g praline powder


  • Melt milk chocolate in microwave or over saucepan of boiling water.
  • Fill the molds with milk chocolate
  • Pour excess chocolate from the molds and plate it in the refrigerator to quickly set it for about 10min.
  • Melt white chocolate and add the pralin to it. Stir until well combine.
  • Fill the molds with the mixture of white chocolate and pralin.
  • Refrigerate the mold to firm up the filling. (it need to be firm enough so that when we put warm melted chocolate on top of it, it will not melt into the chocolate)
  • Cover the white chocolate with more milk chocolate. (re-melt some left over milk chocolate)
  • Scrape chocolate from the top of the mold if needed.
  • Allow the chocolate to completely set in the refregerator and unmold the candies.



I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe.

See you soon on Rose and Berries

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